You’re Already Fit – How to Stay That Way With 2 Simple Workouts

You have finally reached your fitness goal, and like many people, we take a breather but probably 1 that is probably too long. What happens? We start to put on weight again and rapidly too. Find out how you can easily maintain your weight without too much effort.

Workout Plans

1. Do push-ups, 3 sets of 10 repetitions everyday. Just using your body weight. If you can achieve more, you can just go for 30-50 repetitions at once. Why does this work? Because while doing this, it takes most of your upper body strength to balance your body, thus giving you a full upper body workout. For beginners please do push-ups from your knees on the floor as this is easier, as you progress you can do the push-ups with your feet on the floor instead.

2. Do squats. Same as the push-ups you can do 3 sets of 10 repetitions everyday again just using your body weight. I personally find squats a little easier and just go for 30-50 repetitions at once to save time instead of resting between sets. Why does this work? Because this workout uses your entire lower body strength, thus giving you a full lower body workout. To bring it up a notch, finish up your squat by going onto your toes thus targeting your calves as well. You’ll definitely feel the after burn even if you are an advanced trainer.

Doing these 2 workouts alone everyday will allow you to maintain your body weight. Some may see improvements, especially to overall strength as well as muscle tone and growth but the main goal here is maintenance, not really fat loss though you will lose fat if you’re over weight. These 2 workouts are the foundation to any good workout. Make sure to stretch after these workouts, especially your calves.

Source by Benjamin B S Tan

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