You Can Still Eat Healthy When Dining Out

If eating out is something you do on special occasions then it’s okay spoil yourself, but if you dine out regularly then it’s important to know how many calories you intake. Here are a few tips to help you on your quest for healthy eating when dining out.

1. If you are having a salad dressing or sauce then order it on the side rather than on your meal. This way you will have more control over how much of it you are eating.

2. If you are ordering a pasta dish choose one with a tomato based sauce. A tomato based sauce is much healthier than their cream based counterparts as they contain less fat and fewer calories.

3. If you are drinking alcohol order a glass of water or juice in between drinks. Not only will this be kinder to your body but it will help with your hangover too.

4. You can’t eat out without ordering a delicious dessert right? If you just can’t resist those cakes then why not try splitting one with a friend or family member.

5. A soup can be a great appetizer as they are delicious, can fill you up and are super low in calories. However, when choosing your soup choose a vegetable based one rather than a cream based.

6. A salsa can be a delicious and nutritious topping on a jacket potato. When ordering your baked potato choose a tomato salsa instead of butter or cheese.

7. It can be very easy to over indulge when eating out. Remember to listen to your body and when you feel full up stop eating. If you still have food left on your plate you can always ask someone to wrap it up so you can take it home with you.

8. When you are choosing your meal from the menu look out for food that is grilled, steamed, broiled, or poached as these are all healthier than fried or baked. Fried food is guaranteed to contain lots of fat or oil. You should also be on the look out for desserts that are fruit based and side dishes that contain vegetables.

9. Pick meals that contain whole grains like whole grain bread and brown rice. If you are having rolls or bread on the side then try and eat them plain. Adding butter and oil to these items make them full of calories and fat.

10. Lastly remember it’s OK to treat yourself now and again. But if you do then choose a smaller portion, share with a friend or take some home with you for later.

Source by David Di Cristo

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