Two Tips For Choosing Simple and Easy Recipes for Fat Loss (For Non-Cooks)

I’m always on the lookout for good recipes for fat loss. However, cooking is not something I particularly enjoy.

As contradictory as that sounds however, keep in mind that even those of us who classify ourselves as “non-cooks” have an interest in healthy eating…we only wish for a simpler, more direct route.

In this article then I’d like to share two key tips with the “non-cooks” crowd that I believe are of utmost importance and consideration when choosing good recipes for dieting purposes.

Of the gazillions (there IS such a word) of recipes for dieting that are out there, I’d have to say that there are few fat burning recipes that I ever really prepare and test and fewer still that make it into my “Best Recipes for Fat Loss” file.

Am I being too picky?

Perhaps, but nothing irks me more than a recipe that’s hailed as being great for weight loss but includes all sorts of artificial sweeteners and processed, low or no-fat food substitutes.

Have you ever tried no-fat cheddar cheese for example? Wouldn’t you agree that it has a texture and taste (actually it has no taste) very similar to rubber? No thank you.

If the empty calories don’t kill you, then certainly the trans fats and the food additives may very well do the job!

So, the first thing I always look for in any recipe (and particularly one that’s best for losing body fat) is a list of healthy, natural ingredients that I know will do my body good…no fake fats, no chemical laden, no-fat substitutes…just healthy, natural, nutrient dense ingredients.

Secondly, as I have a very busy lifestyle (who doesn’t?) the next key factor I consider when choosing any recipe to test is its ease of preparation.

Nothing makes a non-cook run in the opposite direction faster than a long list of ingredients followed by yet another longer list of complicated, detailed cooking instructions!

And you haven’t even taken into consideration yet the amount of prep time that may be required to make this recipe actually come to life and appear on your dinner plate!

Now, it should be obvious by now (and I’ll be the first one to admit) that I’m clearly not a connoisseur of cooking by any stretch of the imagination, so complicated cooking instructions and words like blanche, fold, butterfly, braise, sauté and dredge…are akin to a foreign language!

My point in all this? Always look for simple, easy to prepare recipes for fat loss.

For those who truly enjoy spending time in their kitchens cooking, concocting and experimenting with new recipe ideas (thankfully I know many that do) your guidelines for choosing good weight loss recipes will obviously be somewhat different. I’ll leave it at that.

There are a few of us however who will likely nod in agreement with me and who no doubt would rather wrestle an angry goose than actually figure out how to cook one, so these simple tips for choosing good recipes for fat loss will likely not be lost on you, I’m sure.

Source by Annie D’Angelo

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