Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight

Long Term Plan

Loosing 10 pounds in ten days is not the way to go. Doing that will result in you losing water and muscle. Very little fat will be lost. The correct way to lose weight is to make a long term plan. You can split that plan up in parts. The length of the plan depends on how much you need to lose in weight.

Eating Right

Starving yourself is not the answer. The best way to lose weight is eating the right food. I’m not saying you can’t have any “bad” food. I’m saying the the majority of the food you eat should be good healthy food. There are a lot of food you can eat that will make you lose weight no matter how much of it you eat.

Breakfast Everyday

Skipping breakfast is not an option. Breakfast is the way to tell you body to start burning the fat. Start the day of with a good healthy breakfast. Starting of with a calorie bomb such as bacon and eggs is better than no breakfast at all.


Exercise is a fantastic way to get your body into shape. It’s important to know that this will not show up on the scale as much as making food adjustments. That does not mean it’s not working. When you exercise you build muscle. So even when you burn fat it’s not going to show up on the scale all that much. But it is working non the less. The beauty about having a larger muscle mass is the fact that you body will start to consume more energy. This means you will start to lose weight even when you are on the sofa.

Focus On Inches Instead Of Weight

Forget about the scale. It is much better to measure yourself around the waist and other problem areas. This is a real motivator. Remember that a lot of sit ups can make it so you waist stays the same size even though you are burning of fat. This is because you are building your stomach muscles underneath. In the end your abs will show.

Less Liquid Calories

Soda and alcohol is a big reason a lot of people are overweight. The drinks are filled with calories, and the body simply can not burn them all. This results in the calories being converted into fat.

The Right Junk Food

Most of us can not help putting something unhealthy in our mouths from time to time. When this happens it is a great idea to pick out the least unhealthy junk food/candy. It might surprise you the big there are from brand to brand. Look at the number of calories on the labels.

Small Plates

Take 20% of the portion size when eating dinner. Most of us has a tendency to eat more than we need at dinner. It will not take you long before you will stop missing the extra 20%.

Eat Snacks

Eating in between meals will keep your combustion height. It will also keep you from over eating at the regular meals. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit.


Losing weight isn’t going to happen over night. Take things week by week. If you need to lose a lot of weight it will take time. By doing it patiently you will have a much better change of keeping the weight of forever.

Source by Morten Galthen

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