The Keto Vegan: 14-Day Ketogenic & Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (With 51 Tasty Low-Carb Plant-Based Recipes) (vegetarian weight loss cookbook)

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(as of Mar 08,2020 02:02:14 UTC – Details)

Weight Loss with Keto & IF in just 14 Days!

Combine the ketogenic vegan & intermittent fasting diets with this 14-day customizable meal plan.

This diet plan is easy to follow and perfect for losing weight effectively. Use these weekly meal plans for 14 days, 28 days or consecutive throughout the year. Daily shopping lists are downloadable.

The plans include 2 soy-free and 4 nut-free days. Each day of the plan includes two meals, plus a snack. Serving sizes are optimized for 1600 and 2000 daily calories.

Fuel your ketosis with tasty low-carb recipes, complete with nutrition facts, allergy info, storage tips, and photos.

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