The Art Of Growing Black Hair Long – Natural Edition

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Have you been trying to grow your hair for years but have had no success? There is no great secret to growing natural hair long, however, it is definitely an art form that needs to be mastered before you achieve the length that you desire. Everyone’s hair grows at a similar average rate yet many black women notice that theirs seems to stop growing at the nape to shoulder length.

Why does this happen when we know that all hair grows continuously throughout life? The simple answer is that the hair at the ends breaks off at the same rate as it is growing so it appears never to increase in length.

You may be surprised to learn that curly and kinky hair is the most fragile hair type of all and due to its dry nature it tends to be brittle and breaks easily. Add chemical relaxers or harsh colorants to this equation and length retention becomes even harder. For this reason, a lot of black women are re-discovering their natural hair but many are still not achieving their dreams of length.

Many of us still believe outdated hair myths and don’t use suitable care routines. You can stop this vicious cycle of misinformation by understanding the real reasons why your hair is breaking and learning how to care for it properly to finally achieve your goal length. This is a must read for any black woman with natural hair!

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