Skin Care In Winter, a Book That Tells You How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter

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When the cold arrives you have to take into account certain tips to take care of the skin and avoid bad habits that harm it. It is necessary to take care of it not only with creams or lotions but also it is advisable to end the customs that worsen the state of our skin in the low temperatures.

1. Do not use alcohol products to care for the skin.

The lotions or creams that we use in the months with stable temperatures are not one of the best tips to take care of the skin in winter. It is advisable to avoid these summer habits since they do not have the same positive effect in winter. Many of these products (anti-acne creams, anti-bacterial lotions) contain alcohol which leads to dehydration of the skin that is already affected by the low temperatures or by the heating systems that lead to drier skin. This way is advisable to avoid these bad habits in winter and the best thing to take care of the skin at this time of year is to replace these lotions or creams with alcohol by products with vegetable oils containing for example, hazelnut and to clean the skin without finishing with the natural oily protective layer it has.

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