Six Pack Abs – Eating the Right Foods

Tasteful muscle tone, no jelly roll, no “spare tire” that is what I wanted and I bet that’s what you want to.

Here are some tips on getting the six pack abs that you’ve been looking for, trim firm stomach, buff six pack abs and rock solid muscles. I understand, I’ve been where you are but I found out a couple of things over the years.

There is a layer of fat that is hiding your abs and exercise alone will not get rid of it.

What if you were to learn that there is no muscle exercise that can get you that six pack of abs?

Sure there are abs exercises but a lot of training will only get you a hard stomach if you can’t get rid of the overlying fat.

It is what you eat.

Everyday you are bombarded with commercials for products claiming to be “health” foods. And everyday you probably eat foods you “think” are helpful because that is what you’ve heard “them” say. A lot of the foods that your eating are hampering your efforts to lose weight. The best way to lose the extra weight you are carrying and get the six pack abs that you want is to get on a great health and fitness diet and exercise program.

Eating the right foods is the first step.

In order to get a six pack abs body you have to change your diet, even the way you think about food has probably been formed by commercials that want you to buy this or that product. Start reading the label, make sure you know whats actually in it. Choose raw unprocessed fruit and vegetables, and if you can purchase only grass fed or free range meat products.

The more you eat fresh unprocessed food the less you will eat the fats and the over processed junk, hey they can even label sugar saturated breakfast cereals “healthy” next time your shopping check for yourself. Realize that there really is no one looking out for you the corporations only want your money, your government works for the corporations. You got to take personal responsibility for what you eat.

Keep doing you exercises the lunges, sit-ups, leg-lifts, and squats you should be working through a few reps of each and doing it back to back with only brief rest in between. Next do some weight lifting and really put everything you got into it. When your done with your workout you should have spent about 45 minutes you should have sweat running of you, you chest should be heaving and you should be really gasping those breaths in. In other words you need to bust you butt on the exercise but first get your diet under control.

Source by U. L. Bethenn

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