Say YES to Carbs on a Diet

People have been giving advice and tips on how to lose excessive fat where most information can be found online and offline through the internet and fat-loss books. About 90% of methods require a cut-back of carbohydrates and food intake in order to lose weight. However, there actually is a method that leads to successful, long-term, weight loss that does not require individuals to stop taking on carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are known to provide enough energy for daily activities; bread, pasta, rice, and grains are known as the main carbohydrates which lead to excessive fat. However, without enough energy provided by these carbohydrates, the body can turn on the starving mode and mess up the entire metabolism causing the body to store excessive fat around areas like the tummy, the thighs, and the underarms. To lose weight happily and healthily without affecting the desire for wholegrain bread, pasta, and peanut butter, individuals need to adjust their eating periods.

Eat Breakfast

The most important meal is your breakfast. Eating a heavy but healthy breakfast will help individuals to be active for the entire day without starving or craving for foods during the evening or in the afternoon. Vegetables and fruits along with enough consumption of carbohydrates will help individuals to start off a healthy day. Two slices of bread with peanut butter and a bowl of salad will not make you fat. However, it is true that once a heavy breakfast is eaten, the lunch will be smaller in portion, and the dinner may even be excluded if a fast diet or weight loss is needed depending on individuals themselves.

Consider the Healthy Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are energy sources for kids, teens, and adults. However, it is important to learn that teens need probably the most out of all ages as they are growing and are experiencing on-going puberty. The amount of food intake and calories needed per day though, is different from one teen to another according to their age, height, weight, gender, and activities done in a day and how much energy is being used. For an active individual, around 2000 calories until 2500 calories is needed.

Healthy carbohydrates include: brown rice, whole grain bread, cereal, green peas, and steel cut oats. Instead of having cocoa bits with milk, a cup of cereal or oat bits with milk can help you slim down and get enough energy needed for the day’s beginning. It is important to learn and make changes to your diet. It is okay to be picky when it comes to food. Especially when going on a fat loss program on your own, it is essential to not starve yourself, eat healthy carbohydrates, and exercise daily.

Source by Kawintida Sujindaporn

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