Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Making and Sustaining a Thriving Organic Vegetable Garden in an Urban Setting

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Is your outdoor space limited, and have you dreamed of growing your own fresh vegetables and herbs, but never thought you could?  Would you like to learn the easy way to build your own raised gardens, no matter how small your yard or patio is?  Then keep reading……

Why Use Raised Beds in Your Garden? Raised beds are one of my favorite ways to garden for a wide variety of reasons, which you will learn as you read this book. For many people, raised beds are used to make their gardening more organized, neater, and easier to manage. If you have any mobility issues, it can reduce the impact on your back and the need to bend, meaning you can continue to enjoy gardening even if you cannot dig for hours and kneel on the floor tending your plants. 

Setting up raised beds properly requires absolutely no digging, which makes them ideal for efficient gardening with minimal maintenance work. They are also suitable for individuals with a disability which makes digging difficult or painful. Anyone who works and tries to keep on top of their garden will be happy for information and tips that reduce the amount of gardening work. I found that when I was working and looking after young children, raised beds made the difference between having a vegetable plot and not being able to manage one.   

In traditional soil planting your plants lean over on to the paths, which quickly become covered. You then end up having to pick your way carefully between your plants and will usually end up trampling some of your plants. If you have children visit your vegetable garden, then you will know just how hard it is to get them to stick to unclear paths.

I have lost many a row of seedlings to enthusiastic children wanting to help but not realizing where the paths are. In a raised bed garden, the paths are clearly defined, so there is no accidental squashing of seedlings! It also means that if the weather is bad, you do not need to walk on muddy paths as you can easily create paved or barked paths between your beds.  

Raised beds can be constructed from pretty much anything you want; most of mine are made out of wood, but I am currently building one out of an old bath and have several made out of reclaimed bricks!

In this book, you will learn everything you need to know about raised bed gardening, from locating your beds and planning through to building, planting, and maintenance.  I am convinced you can successfully build your own raised beds and enjoy an abundant supply of vegetables from them.

This book provides a complete guide to the following:

·       Why people should choose raised bed gardening

·       Building your raised bed garden

·       Planning your gardening

·       What to grow and what not to grow in your raised beds

·       Planting and maintaining crops in raised bed gardens

·       High-yielding garden: the secrets

·       Crop rotation and planting techniques

·       Irrigation

·       Putting your garden together

·       Pest control

·       Raised beds tips and tricks

·       Tips for growing healthy plants…AND MORE!!!

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