Low Calorie Recipes – Tacos

Decrease the calories in your tacos while at the same time keeping their zesty taste and south-of-the-border attraction. Even though tacos may be calorie bombs if they are served in fried shells or full of cheese and sour cream, you may make little adjustments for large calorie reductions. For instance, changing over to a lower-calorie shell or selecting light taco toppings may change a high-calorie meal into a healthy and nourishing food without losing taste.

Switching Cheeses

Although among the simplest methods to decrease the calories in your tacos would be to bypass piling on the gooey cheese you do not need to ignore the cheese totally. Get the sharpest cheddar you can get and grate it yourself. Utilizing a good quality sharp cheese enables you to utilize much less of it without reducing the taste you want. As an alternative try out a reduced-fat cheese produced from skim or low-fat milk.

Changing Shells

You may have several smaller corn tortillas for fewer calories than two big flour tortillas. Corn tortillas are also low in fats and considerably higher in dietary fiber. If you would like to reduce calories a lot more significantly get rid of the shells for a crispy leaf of lettuce. Similar to the lettuce wraps offered in lots of Asian dining places, utilizing lettuce like a taco shell provides a pleasant crispness along with a yummy contrast between the cold lettuce and hot filling. Select lettuce strong enough to manage the fillings – iceberg, leaf or romaine.

Leaner Proteins

Swap fatty ground beef for leaner meats to improve your tacos without losing taste. For those who cannot imagine your taco without the consistency of ground meat, select the leanest beef or ground turkey offered. More desirable options include things like lean steak, chicken breast or pork. Cook the proteins with strong seasonings like cumin, garlic, oregano and cayenne to contribute zesty taste without piling on calories. If you cook fish tacos, change battered, fried fish with grilled fish or shrimp to spare fats and calories.

Light Toppings

Loading tacos with quite heavy toppings like full-fat sour cream and re-fried beans is a guaranteed method to shatter the calorie bank. Change re-fried beans with healthy black or pinto beans, which contribute proteins and dietary fiber without the higher calorie count number of their re-fried alternatives. Put on low-calorie veggies like shredded lettuce, onions and peppers, garden fresh natural herbs like cilantro, chopped up avocado and low-fat sour cream or fat-free plain Greek yogurt. When you’re particularly daring, try out topping your taco with a zesty citrus or vinegar-based slaw. Various kinds of tacos, particularly fish tacos, bypass cheese for a scrumptious coleslaw.

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