Keto Bread: The Complete Ketogenic Paleo Cookbook. Over 80 Delicious Quick and Easy Gluten Free Recipes to Maximize Your Weight Loss with a Low Carb Diet and Maintain Your Ketosis State Effortlessly

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Would you like to lose weight in a natural and healthy way without forgoing your pastry cravings? Do you want to enjoy the fluffy softness of fresh-baked bread while keeping on track with your keto lifestyle? If you are nodding your head, then you have come to the right place.

The ketogenic diet remains one of the most effective dietary approach in helping you get rid of those unsightly extra pounds around your waistline and maintaining an active, fit and healthy body. People around the world have seen dramatic results since implementing this diet.

Adopting the keto lifestyle means giving up all the wonderful carby treats that make life enjoyable. It is especially difficult for pastries and baked goods lovers. Many people find it extremely hard to give up carbohydrates with good reason: they taste so damn good. Too bad you can’t eat any of these tasty treats when you’re on the keto diet, right?


If you think that you’d need to give up bread forever when going through a ketogenic diet, think again. You can eat appetizing muffins and loaves of bread without breaking your ketosis state while meeting both your nutritional and palate needs. It’s completely possible to enjoy your favorite breads and stay true to your diet plan. All you need is the right tools, the right ingredients, and a dash of creativity. Everything it takes to get started can be found inside this science-fueled info-packed keto paleo cookbook. You are going to discover a wide assortment of healthy low-carb and gluten free bread recipes that will help you resist the siren call of sugar without sacrificing flavor or texture. 

Here is a tiny fraction of what you will learn inside:

  • How to optimize your overall health in the long run and maximize your weight loss with the ketogenic paleo diet
  • How to curb your carb intake and health perks of switching to a low-carb diet
  • Foods you should eat to activate ketosis and turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • 15 flours derived substitutes and low-carb sweeteners that will help you maintain your ketosis state effortlessly
  • Foods you must stay away from at all cost while following your keto lifestyle
  • Everything you need to know or have to get started, including basic keto-baking skills
  • Smart baking tips to help you avoid making most common mistakes
  • Over 80 mouthwatering sweet and savory keto bread recipes ideal for breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Detailed macro and micronutrients info for every single recipe
  • Healthy snack recipes that will keep you full (and taste good, too!)
  • Keto pizzas, pancakes, muffins and other desserts that will knock your socks off

          …and much more!

Unlike ordinary bread, low carb keto bread is the closest you can ever come to having some bread with almost zero carbs, no sugar and no gluten. Even better, you can consume as much as your stomach can hold without having to worry about sugar spikes or gaining weight; all thanks to flours that do not contain the regular carbohydrates that grain flours such as wheat, do. If you are struggling to curb your carb cravings, this innovative science-fueled ketogenic and paleo cookbook will help you out immensely. Even if you’ve never tried to bake or touched an oven in your entire life, all you need to do is follow the guide instructions and Keto Bread will make the process simple from start to finish!

Would you like to deepen your knowledge?

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