Joaquin Phoenix’s New Campaign Urges Everyone to Go Vegan

Two billboards featuring vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix created in partnership with nonprofit Los Angeles Animal Save were recently erected in Los Angeles. The billboard shows an image of Phoenix in front of a slaughterhouse truck with a pig inside and is emblazoned with the simple message of: “Save Animals. Go Vegan.” The campaign also includes bench advertisements featuring images of farmed animals with a similar message.

“Our billboards and bench ads are up,” LA Animal Save posted on Instagram. “The timing isn’t great since the world is on lockdown (due to most people perpetuating an institution of violence against animals) but we can still make an impact by sharing on social media.” Earlier this year, Phoenix spent Hollywood’s awards season fighting for animal rights, including on stage during his historic Oscar acceptance speech for best actor. When he wasn’t on stage, Phoenix participated in animal-rights events, including rescuing Liberty and Indigo (a mother cow and her calf) from a California slaughterhouse with the help of LA Animal Save and Farm Sanctuary

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