HEXADOKU 300 Puzzles for Geeks: 150 3-Star, 150 4-Star, for the Geekiest, Nerdiest, and Tech-Savviest Among Us! (Series: Hexadoku 16 X 16)

Price: $10.99
(as of Nov 10,2020 07:48:27 UTC – Details)

Welcome to HEXADOKU: 300 Puzzles for Nerds!

This great set of puzzles starts off with 150 3-Star Puzzles, which means they are of “Normal “ difficulty. A warm-up, if you will. And then they are followed by a set of 150 4-Star Puzzles which are quite a bit harder! Maybe even Champion Level!

The interesting twist with these Hexadokus is that since the puzzles are in a 16 X 16 grid, the characters you will be using are 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-A-B-C-D-E-F for a much more fun challenge! Nerds, Geeks, Programmers, Computer Afficionados and overall Tech-Savvy IT Whizzes will recognize these number/letter combinations as Hexadecimal Code.

Between the two difficulty levels, these 300 puzzles should provide TONS of FUN for each and every player! Just think – there’s almost a puzzle-a-day for your enjoyment!

All solutions are provided, of course, behind each section of puzzle.

Have fun! Solve them all!

There are 10 Volumes to this set of Sudoku puzzles. Please check by clicking on our Author Name, Puzzle Barn Press, on Amazon to see all our offerings from very simple to very hard. Our website, PuzzleBarnPress.com is under development as I speak and we have tons of offerings there!

Enjoy, thank you for your purchase, and please come back soon for more!

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