Hair Growth Serum,Hair Loss &Hair Thinning Treatment,Hair Serum,Stimulates New Hair Growth, Promotes Thicker, Fuller and Faster Growing Hair

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Product Description


Hair Growth Serum, Stops Hair Loss, Thinning, Balding, Repairs Hair Follicles, Promotes Thicker, Stronger Hair and New Hair Growth

Hair Growth Serum can not only effectively promote hair growth, make hair follicle nourishing and active, but also suppress hair become greasy.

Simply apply as a topical treatment. Great for damaged, dry, frizzy hair, brittle hair, dry scalps, and dandruff. Because it contains pure, natural ingredients, it is easily absorbed into your hair and scalp.










ginseng, polygonum multiflorum, cacumen biotae, ginger king, angelica, black sesame, ginkgo, vitamin E.

How to use

Wash the hair with warm water thoroughly.Mix every 100ml shampoo with 3ml hair essenceTake the mixture into the palm of your hand, add a little warm water and rubbing until bubbles occured.Using both hands to massage scalp with mixture to make hair full of bubbles. Regular use 2-3 times per week.


This hair growth needs time to work, please be patient and a healthy rest and diet could help your hair grow faster.


1. Stored Under normal temperature.

2. Keep away from children.

3. Avoid contact with the wound.

4. Please do skin test before use ,Any adverse reactions, stop using.

5. This product is not suitable for pregnant women.

6. Please washing immediately with clean water if contact into the eyes.

hair growth serumhair growth serum


Promote hair growth;Prevent hair loss;Repair and improve hair follicles;Balance oil secretion;For all hair types and color;

Restores and Strengthens Hair;Improves Manageability;Promotes Natural Hair Growth & Shine;Improves Hair Softness & Texture;

Multi-symptom relief offers proven protection from flakes, itchand dryness flakes and itch associated with dandruff

Nourishing and Repair Hair :Helps repair damaged hair’s surface, lock in moisture & shine and control frizz. Repairs, softens and strengthens dry, brittle, frizzy, itchy, overworked and damaged hair.






Hair Loss & Hair Thinning Treatment Essence can effectively prevent hair loss by delivering nutrition to hair root while strengthening the resistance of outside stimulation to make hair thick and shiny.
Hair Growth Essence can not only effectively promote hair growth, make hair follicle nourishing and active, but also suppress hair become greasy.
Promote healthy hair growth, stronger, more healthy-looking hair. with this wonderful biotin hair strengthening serum, you can finally help give yourself the dense and lustrous hair you always wanted
Easy to use, it suitable for mild to moderate hair loss, used for a long time to repair the hair root, improve the state of hair loss, it is recommended to use cycle 3 to 6 months.

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