Green Powder Supplement with Probiotics – Organic – 71 Superfoods in 1-4X The Vitamins and Minerals of Other Green Drinks – Organigreens by Organixx (Naturally Sweetened) – 30 Servings

Price: $49.95
(as of Apr 11,2020 17:01:15 UTC – Details)

Nature’s purest, most potent source of antioxidant-rich superfoods on the Planet… OrganiGreens is a revolutionary new “green” drink that’s packed with 71 superfruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and spices. OrganiGreens brings you the BEST most bio-available nutrition from a green drink anywhere on the planet. It’s 33 TIMES more potent than juicing on your own – with exactly zero of the mess. PLUS you get 17 different enzymes… the digestive powerhouse probiotic Bacillus subtilis…. and humic and fulvic acid to boost your body’s ability to quickly absorb all the amazing nutrients in the formula. Your 10-second “green” solution from Mother Nature’s Pharmacy OrganiGreens helps reverse a lifetime of bad eating habits quick… fast… and in a hurry. It tastes phenomenal. There’s no added refined sugar – it’s sweetened with pineapple and kiwi juice. And just one spoonful mixed with water or juice daily delivers a flood of antioxidant-rich superfoods that are clinically-shown to help you… ●Flood every cell in your body with ENERGY ●Experience youthful looking, skin, hair and nails ●Boost your immune system ●Encourage healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels! ●Promote deep, restful sleep ●Neutralize excess acid in your cells ● And so much more! 30 Day Total Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee

4 TIMES the vitamins and minerals of other green drinks! Our proprietary whole food formula is jam-packed with sprouted seeds. Sprouting can cause the vitamin and mineral content of the seeds to MULTIPLY by up to 4 TIMES as much as normal. Plus, you get 17 different essential enzymes and probiotics to boost health and vitality.
33 TIMES more potent than juicing… without the hassle or mess! Other green drinks simply grind up grasses, vegetables, and fruit into a powder. Instead, Organixx juices the ingredients FIRST and then turns the juice into a powder. This boosts the nutrient content in each scoop. Choose from 2 delicious flavors!
Doctor-formulated supplements. Highest quality fermented ingredients. NON-GMO. ZERO added sugar.

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