Fast Relief for Cracked, Dry and Sore Noses! InstaCure’s Original Nose Balm with Raw Manuka Honey, Plus Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Other Certified Organic Ingredients. Great Topical for Dogs’ Noses!

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(as of Nov 15,2020 15:12:38 UTC – Details)

InstaCure – The Original Nose Balm for Sore & Dry Noses – 0.15 Oz

With InstaCure’s The Original Nose Balm, you will never again have to experience the discomfort associated with chapped and cracked nostrils. By providing protection and moisture to your nostril area, your nose will be less prone to soreness and infections.

We use only natural ingredients to make this balm so you can always feel safe when applying it. The Original Nose Balm is safe to use as often as you like, however, once or twice a day is all that should be necessary.


  • Contains raw Manuka honey from New Zealand, which is famous for its antimicrobial qualities
  • Certified organic ingredients: sweet almond oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter
  • Soothes tender noses
  • Relieves dry noses
  • Protects nasal area in cold temperatures
  • Great relief during flu and cold season
  • Pocket-sized balm for hydration and relief wherever you go
  • Not messy like creams, lotions and gels

    Give your nose the fast relief and hydration it’s craving with InstaCure’s The Original Nose Balm. Try it out today!

    HYDRATION STICK: This moisturizing salve is the only remedy you need to combat dry noses. With regular application around your nostrils, cracked noses will quickly become a thing of the past! Our honey balm is ideal for flu & cold season for fast relief.
    CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: We aim to provide only the best for your body. That is why this honey-based balm is all natural with certified organic ingredients including sweet almond oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter.
    COLD WEATHER PROTECTION: Apply a protective coat around your nostrils when the temperature drops. Prevent nasal soreness & dryness before they occur with each application. Ideal for soothing and providing relief to sensitive noses and sinuses. Your dog will love it too! Amazing topical healer for cracked and dry canine noses!
    GREAT FOR ON-THE-GO: Our nose balm comes in the form of a convenient tube that can be placed in your pocket or purse for quick nasal hydration and relief wherever you are. It’s never been so easy to keep your nostrils and the area around them feeling great!

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