Crepe Firming Advanced Cream – European Hi-tech Skin care – Hyaluronic Acid in the 50-3000 kDa Molecular Spectrum – Tightening & Lifting Collagen Repair Treatment – Best for Body, Face and Neck 7.5 oz

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Product Description

Firming cream for neck and faceFirming cream for neck and face

crepe erasecrepe erase

80% of what happens to your skin is up to you.

What is beauty? Is it just a fleeting form of youth? Is it looking forever young and glorious no matter your age (think Julia Roberts) or growing old gracefully like Meryl Streep?

We are not here to set your standards or change your perspective. Our job is to make you glow and reveal your most radiant you. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel gorgeous, and age is something to celebrate, not erase. While there is no magic bullet to combat the irreversible passage of time, there is something you can do to uncover the most youthful, beautiful version of you.

Growing old is a privilege not granted to all. Embrace it by taking good care of yourself, inside and out, and just being the best you can be, no matter what age.

Amélie Monnier Team, Makers of The Face Cream For Your Body

Collagen CreamCollagen Cream

WHY IS The Face Cream For Your Body DIFFERENT?

This skin-strengthening body treatment blends key anti-aging ingredients only typically found in facial serums into a fast-absorbing, lightweight and thoroughly hydrating body lotion for all skin types. The silky, concentrated lotion, powered by Marine- and Plant-based actives, combined with multi-weighted forms Hyaluronic Acid, is designed to:

Help plump crepey skin and promote a youthful-looking glow.Visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles caused by aging and excessive sun exposure.

Red AlgaeRed Algae

Mediterranean Red Algae “Jania Rubens” (Actiporine 8G)

Actiporine 8G is an innovative active ingredient by Codif Technologie Naturelle, a leader in marine biotechnology.

It acts as an anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, detoxifying and plumping agent. It stimulates the synthesis of AQP8 (water channel proteins), capable of promoting the recycling of free radicals. Provides 100% effective detoxification, reactivates collagen synthesis and increases fatty acid release by 74%, smoothing and firming the skin. Commonly used in eye contour/zone formulations and to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles.

Wrinkle CreamWrinkle Cream

Rice actives (Orsirtine ISR)

Orsirtine ISR is a breakthrough skin cell longevity technology, developed by Ashland Industries France.

This anti-aging active contains a botanical rice (oryza sativa) extract rich in sirtuin-activating peptides. Even better than resveratrol, it boosts the synthesis of Sirtuin-1, the Skin’s Youth Protein. Sirtuins, also called longevity proteins, help repair cell damage and protect the skin from environmental assaults (UV, pollution, indoor heating/cooling) and sun damage.


Cube3 – biotechnological complex of Roelmi HPC, a global expert in skincare innovation.

A mix of Hyaluronic Acid with a wide range of molecular weights (low, medium and high) for improved absorption and anti-wrinkle action. Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, due to its ability to better penetrate the layers of the skin, significantly reduces the appearance of skin roughness, fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes skin elasticity and firmness. At the same time, high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid acts on the skin surface, providing optimal hydration. Notable results include pronounced moisturization, leaving a smoother and softer-feeling skin.

Collagen CreamCollagen Cream

Red AlgaeRed Algae

Actiporine 8G

Wrinkle CreamWrinkle Cream

Orsirtine ISR



crepe erase advancedcrepe erase advanced

98% Natural Ingredients

Our formulas are passionately crafted with unique blends of next-generation bioactives to bring you the most effective, uncompromisingly self-indulgent experiences.

How is this percentage calculated?

By dividing the total amount of natural ingredients (including water) by the total amount of all ingredients, and then multiplying the result by 100.

What are the remaining 2%?

They are “functional ingredients” – fragrance, emulsifiers that keep water and oil blended, viscosity controlling agents, and antioxidant ingredients.

Sustainable approach for lasting beauty


Silicone & Paraben-free

Palm & Mineral oil-free


PEG & Petroleum-free

Vegan & Gluten-free

Never tested on animals

Alcohol & Colorant-free

You Ask, We Answer

anti age wrinkle cream

anti age wrinkle cream

Body Repair Treatment

Body Repair Treatment

skin repair treatment for arms and legs

skin repair treatment for arms and legs

collagen cream

collagen cream

Is It Scented?

We use a CLEAN and LIGHT Boutique Fragrance: Spring Morning in Provence, originating from FRANCE. Key notes:

Almond & Lemon: appearing immediately upon application.Green Tea: 5-10 min after application, lasts 15-20 min.Apple & Jasmine: comes after the Green Tea scent.

How To Use?

Gently massage into the neck, décolleté, inner arms, thighs and legs. Slowly rub the firming lotion in, paying special attention to any zones lacking elasticity. Apply in the morning and evening to clean, dry or preferably slightly damp skin. Dress-ready: Non-greasy and non-sticky after feel! Absorbed immediately – no need to wait to get dressed.

Who It’s For?

Aging and Sun-Damaged SkinLoss of Firmness, ToneSagging, Crepey SkinLines and WrinklesDryness, Dehydration

Can It Be Used On The Face?

Yes, THE FACE CREAM FOR YOUR BODY is perfectly safe to use on the face and greatly effective as an anti-aging moisturizer. The only reason it is marketed as a body lotion is the lack of SPF (sunscreen protection factor). If you use it on your face, follow with a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater.

crepey skin creamcrepey skin cream

crepey skin body lotioncrepey skin body lotion

Neck application:

Gently tilt your head backwards and hold in position while applying the lotion using upwards motions until the product has absorbed into the skin.

Expert Tips From Amélie Monnier

Don’t rush: Take enough time to enjoy the process.

Apply it just out of the shower. This can help lock in moisture.

Start at the bottom and work your way up. Doing so will help you to have more control over your application.

Keep arms bent so the lotion distributes evenly over elbows. Do the same for the knees.

Use circular motions to massage the lotion in for the best penetration.

WE STRIVE TO GET YOUR SKIN TO REFLECT YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY – Clinical trials of the active ingredients in this anti-aging formula have shown that they: Reactivate collagen synthesis (+24% collagen I, +28% collagen IV, +51% collagen VII); Enable 55% to 125% greater permeation than “classic” hyaluronic acids; Deliver a visible increase in skin elasticity of up to 13% in 30min; Have both an immediate effect and improve the look of sagging skin in the long term; Provide 100% effective detoxification.
“A STRANGER SHOOK MY HAND AND TOLD ME HOW SOFT MY SKIN WAS” – get ready for the compliments! You see the difference in your skin’s moisture levels immediately after application – penetration is fast but long-lasting (up to 24h). The dramatic boost in collagen synthesis is palpable – your skin feels more elastic and smoother with every use, while Orsirtine activates the epidermis’ inbuilt longevity system, revealing how beautiful your body has been all along. Get out there and conquer it all!
ABOUT 80% OF WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR SKIN IS UP TO YOU – Creams may not be a full substitute for plastic surgery but you’re bound to see a difference. We can’t all be movie stars, and if surgery or a private chef are out of reach, what we can do instead is follow some basic rules to ensure we take care of our skin: stick to the shade, drink those famous eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day (it’s hard but worth it!) and always PAY ATTENTION TO INGREDIENTS.
Glow on The Go: with this advanced anti age moisturizer you get 3 TRAVEL-SIZE SACHETS. Long weekend, a family vacation or an exotic city break – just pack a pair of our individual sachets with your essentials, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. Bon Voyage, Mon Cheri! ≈≈≈≈In the very unlikely case that you notice no change or are unhappy with your purchase, get in touch for an immediate refund. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE by Amélie Monnier.

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