Complete Intermittent Fasting Book: The Ultimate Guide to Fast Weight Loss and Healthy Life for Women and Men – 101 Delicious Recipes – 16 Tips for … in a Short Time with No Risk to Your Health

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Would you like to feel young, healthy, attractive and sexy?
Would you want to lose weight in a short time with no risk to your health, but continuing enjoying delicious food?
Then keep reading…

Have you ever known that according to the Centers for Disease Control and the American Diabetes Association data, obesity and diabetes cause more than 600,000 deaths in the United States EACH YEAR, and more than 70% of Americans suffer from health issues caused by obesity or diabetes?

But do know that an easy way out already exists? Every day, thousands of people get a new lease of life with Intermittent fasting. Thousands of people have been able to “shake off” their extra pounds and started feeling healthy and young. All even without the need for exercise and watching what you eat!

Would you like to become one of these happy, lively people, who have virtually been born again?

Chances are, you’ve already heard about Intermittent fasting but didn’t used to know where to begin.
Chances are, you’ve already tried some diets and been disappointed.
Well, this book is to reveal all the secrets and give you the answers to all your questions.

Just read, and you will find that Intermittent Fasting is a simple, effective and safe way to a healthy life. And the most important thing is that you’ll continue eating and enjoying delicious and rich food.

So if you think it is good for you then let me show how this book can be of use to you. In “Complete Intermittent Fasting Book” you’ll discover:

  • What intermittent fasting is, pros and cons, and why it is good for health – in simple words without the fluff and convoluted definitions
  • Where to start for a quick result?
  • Various types of fasting – choose the one most suitable for your unique lifestyle.
  • What is BMI (Body Mass Index), Why it is substantial, How to calculate and use BMI
  • What to do and what not to do while fasting: tips, incentives, potential mistakes, precautions
  • How to swap junk foods to a healthy meal
  • Minimal Calorie Day Food Choices
  • kcal vs. calorie – what is true?
  • How successfully combine the Keto Diet with Intermittent Fasting
  • 101 delicious recipes, which is to help you in building your diet for a whole month. All the recipes are easy-to-follow, use simple, easy-to-find ingredients and include complete nutrition facts

And much, much more!

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Right now, thousands of people are following intermittent fasting, getting back their healthy and happy lives. You can find loads of stories these people share on the Internet, telling about their achievements. And you’ll see, that the vast majority of the fasting diet followers lose on average about 10 pounds within the first 3-4 weeks. And some even without everyday exercises!

Even if you’ve used trying dozens of different diets and have failed in trusting any of them, fasting will help you in getting your new happy and healthy life back. And you won’t need to waste loads of time googling for more options. This book has got everything you need to start today.

So, if you are ready to take your health under control, take action now!

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