CELFULL Toxicity Tested β-NMN 330mg Per Serving Max Dosage + Absorption, Pharmaceutical Grade, Boost NAD+ Levels (60 Veggie Capsules 2 X 165mg) Anti-Aging Beta-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Supplement

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Nicotinamide MononucleotideNicotinamide Mononucleotide

What Is NMN?

Some aspects of aging might be reversible by NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), the precursor for NAD+, it is able to promote cellular NAD+ production. Increased NAD+ levels stimulate energy production, DNA repair and longevity-genes activity.


NMN Form Matters!

There are two anomeric forms of NMN named alpha and beta, only the latter is the active form.

CELFULL β-NMN reaches an unprecedented 99.8% standardized purity, a higher purity powder means higher absorption and bioavailability.

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Strong R&D Team

Our core R&D team is composed of experts from medical, pharmaceutical, molecular biology, genetics, computer informatics and other fields from world-renowned universities.

Cutting-Edge Core Technology

Our anti-aging cytokine research and development center is full of experience and has a number of core patents such as enzyme-directed evolution technology, molecular purification technology, vacuum low-temperature drying technology, and acid hydrolysis controlled release technology.

International Patents

72 international patents and certificates applied, 1 US patent approved (Patent Number US15-618934).

Pharmaceutical Grade NMN

CELFULL NMN is made with the same ingredients previously used by Dr. David Sinclair’s anti-aging lab, we ensure you to get the highest quality NMN on the market!


PURE β-NMN – There are two anomeric forms of NMN named alpha and beta, only the latter is the active form. CELFULL β-NMN vegetarian capsules contain 330mg in each serving– ethically sourced and cultivated using an extraction process to ensure an unprecedented 99.8% standardized purity, while most other NMN supplements don’t provide as it requires an extra step and expense in the manufacturing process.
ENHANCED ABSORPTION – We adopt the 2018 Nobel Prized enzyme directed evolution technique green production instead of chemical synthesis, providing CELFULL NMN with 4.5 times higher absorption rate than some other brands. It is directly and rapidly absorbed in small intestines creating NAD+ in the tissue within 10-30 minutes.
FULLY STABILIZED FORM – Raw NMN typically needs to be kept cold (fridge or freezer) because of its short shelf life. Our NMN comes in a completely shelf-stable non-refrigerated form to ensure maintained and maximum potency, it will not degrade at room temperature.
NON-GMO & GLUTEN FREE – Each bottle is made in a facility that follows all GMP standards. Our ingredients are free from GMO, gluten, preservatives or any artificial chemicals. These veggie capsules are easy and safe to swallow. Third party lab tested at 165mg per capsule!

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