Body Cupping Therapy Sets – Sandine Face Cupping Set – Double Chin Reducer – Facial Cupping System – Silicone Massage Cups – Cupping for Cellulite Kit – Ideal to Shape your Cheeks and Chin by Sandine

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cupping therapy setscupping therapy sets

face cuppingface cupping

Give Beauty as a Gift!

You can delight your beloved women with this skin care system. You can help them feel confident and beautiful every single day. Buy it for your darling wife, dear mom or another precious friend. Give them beauty as a gift!

Feeling tired after heavy workout?

A cupping therapy session will relieve the pain in those sore muscles.

It will easily reduce tension in the neck and shoulders, help with arthritis, relax your body and decrease muscle stress

How to use silicone cupping cups:

Firmly squeeze the cup that you are using so you can get the air out of itPut the silicone cup on the skin with the rounded edges down without releasing your gripNow Release your grip. There should be some skin caught inside the cup, otherwise try againMove the cup continuously; do not leave it stationary in one place to avoid hematoma!

Sample Massaging scheme 4-4-4-2:

4 minutes vertically 4 minutes horizontally4 minutes with S-like movements2 minutes pull the cup upward but without peeling away from the skinThese 4 types of movements can be done in all areas of the body – belly, hips, buttocks, legs, etc

Perfect Set of 4 Cupping Cups For Your Boddy

facial cupping

facial cupping

double chin reducer

double chin reducer

cellulite cupping

cellulite cupping

face cupping set

face cupping set

Face Cupping Can Deliver Quick and Visible Results!

Use the Mini Facial Cup for a 10 minute daily session starting with the forehead, heading down the cheekbones, around the mouth. And finally finishing with the chin area and the neck lines.

You will need only a few sessions to see results. The improved blood circulation will stimulate natural collagen induction. resulting in firmer and younger looking skin

The Micro Facial Cup is perfect for your lips.

Whether you are on a night out with the girls or just up for some fun, Plumper Lips will make you a magnet for attention. Use lip balm, squeeze and slide a few times to get those luscious plumed lips lasting for hours.

Banish Cellulite and Tone Up your Body!

Cupping massage effectively promotes blood circulation in the stimulated zones, encourages metabolism and eliminates toxins.
This makes it very effective against cellulite, stretch marks and scars. Overall, it will let your legs, belly, and butt feel tighter

Multifunctional and Applicaple All Around the Body!

We have a suitable cup size for all areas of the body. Weather you feel back pain or your leg muscles are sored from the long day at work the Sandine Cups will cover you.

Are you anxious to try one of the best Cupping Therapy Sets on the market?

cupping facecupping face

Package Contents:

1x Large Body Cup – 2.75’’ by 3’’, Blue1x Medium Body Cup – 2.12’’ by 2.12’’, Blue1x Mini Facial Cup – 1.5’’ by 3’’, Blue1x Micro Facial Cup – 0.6’’ by 2’’, Blue1x Bag for safe storage of your cupping set. (Packaging may vary as we change it occasionally)1x Instruction Manual. Please read carefully for more details on how to use the set and contra indications!

✔ Turn Back Time for Your Face – Face Cupping massage has visible anti-aging effects. It will bring more oxygen to your skin, strengthen the muscles, improve circulation and help it become younger and more elastic. Combined with the right topical cosmetics it can remove fine lines, reduce wrinkles and double chin, and even make your lips fluffier and plumper.
✔ Cupping Therapy Made Easier – This new generation Cupping Kit does not require pumps or matches to create vacuum. Just a simple squeeze gives you precise control on the suction level. If you feel the massage is getting painful, just release some of the air or replace with a smaller cup. Cups by SanDine will quickly become your favorite anticellulite tool.
✔ Safer and More Reliable – While most of the competition certifies only the raw materials, our CE and RoHS certificates guarantee that our cellulite suction cups are long lasting, gentle to the skin and easy to clean. This vacuum massage kit is produced from premium quality medical grade hypoallergenic silicon.
✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee – Cupping Therapy Sets by SanDine are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. If you are not fully satisfied, simply contact us, and we will make sure to make it right for you

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