Biotin Gummies 10,000mcg Highest Potency for Hair Growth, Promotes Healthier Hair, Skin & Nail, Premium, Vegan, Non-GMO, Pectin-Based – Best Strength for Women & Men, 60 Count

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Product Description

Biotin Gummies For Women and Men



We should take a lot of our vital nutrients from our diet, but often we don’t, particularly If we lead a busy lifestyle or simply don’t eat the foods we should. This is particularly important for vegetarians and vegans, or even for people who want to follow a mostly plant based diet.

A vitamin B7 supplement can help to top up a diet with an essential micronutrient that our bodies and brains need to support better health and well-being. Biotin supplements may also be important during pregnancy to help mums have healthier babies.







Vitamin H Is For Hair

Biotin (also called Vitamin H for hair) plays an important role in strengthening the hair (even of the eyelashes and eyebrows) and nails by supporting the essential amino acids used to create elastin and keratin—the building blocks of healthy hair and nails.

A Healthier You

Biotin is vital to many body functions and is used by the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids. A B7 supplement can assist in maintaining a healthy body and mind from childhood through adulthood and into old age.

Glowing Skin

Biotin is responsible for producing the fatty acids that nourish the skin, assists in the production of new skin cells and helps oil glands function properly. Together, these work together to maintain a clear and glowing complexion.


We are also different from other gummy vitamins that use gelatin or preservatives in their products. We use a vegan-friendly pectin base, sourced from fruits to offer a healthy alternative to ordinary supplements.

Brittle Nails

Pregnancy Support

Hair Growth

Skin Health



Simply take 2 strawberry flavored BeLive B7 gummies as an effective daily health supplement. No more swallowing large capsules or tablets!

Chewable vitamins are the easiest way to get kids to take their vitamins and micronutrients, and are suitable for the elderly who may have problems swallowing.

BeLive’s Mission


We Innovate

BeLive will continue to innovate superior products through new technology. We thrive to do our best in the R&D process to better our customer’s journey each and everyday.


We Believe

We Believe the best gift you can give to your loved ones is living a healthier life. BeLive’s products are well-inspected before it’s packaged so our customers can buy with confidence.


We Care

BeLive hopes to improve the concept of “Living Healthy,” an exciting journey for everyone. We provide the best quality of customer care to satisfy you make every transaction a memorable one.

What is it?

Inulin & Chicory Root for Digestive Health

Lutein & Zeaxanthin for Eye Health

Marine Collagen for Hair, Skin, Nails Health

Probiotic + Fiber in one

Immune Support Booster with Propolis, Echincea, and Vitamin C

Turmeric & Ginger for Anti-inflammatory

Vegetarian Friendly

CONCENTRATED GOODNESS – With 10,000 mcg packed into every serving, BeLive Biotin Gummies have the highest potency of any biotin supplement on the market.
STRAWBERRY FLAVOR – BeLive gummies are the easy way to take a daily dose of vitamin goodness. Our biotin supplement gummies are suitable for everyone from adults to the elderly and have a delicious strawberry flavor with no artificial colors or additives.
VEGAN NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT – BeLive does not use gelatin or any animal products in the making of our B7 vitamin gummies, and all of our dietary supplements are made in a kosher & halal certified facility.
GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN FRIENDLY – Made in the USA in an GMP approved facility.

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