6 Week, High Frequency, Full Body, Muscle-Building Program

It’s the right time we stop with the millions of “bro splits” on the Internet and add slabs of muscle to your frame by training each muscle group 4 times a week.

Training is (almost) the same as any other skill. The more you do it, the better you get at it. In this case, you become bigger as a result. And the more frequently you can train each muscle or muscle group (and recover from the training) , the faster it will respond to training stimulus. So, if you’ve been training just one or two muscle groups per workout session, with a total of only one workout session for that specific muscle group per week, we’re sorry to say but that’s simply not enough for optimal growth. Get ready to switch to a full-body, high-frequency training routine which will bring about the gains, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

Let’s talk about the cons of the high-volume bro splits. They will exhaust your trained muscles too much and too fast. For example, if your chest workout day consists of six different exercises for the pecs, they will need a lot more time to recover before they can be trained again. Sure, it’s good to target a muscle from all possible angles and increase its work capacity, however recovering for a week until the next workout, eliminates the possibility of the muscle being exposed to the same training stimulus again sooner, which is a wasted opportunity for more growth. And we know that protein synthesis stays elevated for roughly about 30 hours after resistance training.

To be able to train a muscle more often, you will have to decrease the work or the volume during a single workout session, but that shouldn’t scare you. Instead of training your pecs with 12 sets in one session, you can do those 12 sets spread throughout the whole week, with each session building upon the gains you made in the previous one. However, decreasing the amount of training volume isn’t enough to recover fully. You will also have to choose your exercises carefully.

The reason for this is that even though muscle generally responds well to being trained often, your joints can have quite a difficult time with it. For example, performing heavy bench presses one day and then doing overhead presses and dips the next day can wreak havoc on your shoulder joints and increase the chances of injury. To train often and safely, you need to choose primarily joint-friendly movements whilst keeping recovery as a priority. That’s why you’ll notice the presence of various chest-supported rowing exercises and body-weight movements in our training program.

Training your whole body in one training session will bring about balanced muscle gains and target your muscles at a higher frequency, namely four times in just one week. Do the math: if you were training your shoulders once a week, that’s a total of 52 shoulder workouts in a year. If you start training them for times a week, you get a total of 208 workouts a year. What do you think your shoulders will look like after that increase? You guessed it, they’ll be considerably bigger.

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